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Re: [Phys-L] GRE worse than useless

This is just the most recent “nail in the coffin”.

Back in about ’62 the U at Santa Barbara wouldn’t admit me, because my total physics at UCSB undergrad was sl. below a B. I graduated w/ honor, because of many A’s in other courses. My recourse was the GRE. At the time the top score was 800. I got 790 in the physics and 780 in the other(s). Even so, I was on probation the first year, because I earned only a C in mechanics. [1] So the GRE was not very meaningful. Fortunately, I did much better the next years.

bc thankful they thought it meaningful!!

[1] The grad. school was so new there were only three in the course. The other two earned a D and an F!!!

On 2020/Mar/01, at 17:52, John Denker via Phys-l <> wrote:

"Multi-institutional study of GRE scores as predictors of STEM PhD degree completion: GRE gets a low mark"
October 29, 2018
Sandra L. Petersen,
Evelyn S. Erenrich,
Dovev L. Levine,
Jim Vigoreaux,
Krista Gile