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Re: [Phys-L] ITT Educational Services (ITT Tech) closed all 130 campuses


Reveals my hidden secret, I don’t always read to the end, but did long ago, as it jogged my memory.


On 2020/Nov/15, at 15:54, Brian Whatcott <> wrote:

last paragraph of this reference follows....
"Update, September 25, 2012. Historian John Steele Gordon concurs with the January 15, 2009, update. He also recalls Dirksen making the statement on Johnny Carson’s show. With regard to the lack of hard documentation authenticating the phrase, Gordon writes, “But I really don’t see a historiographical problem here. It’s long been attributed to Senator Dirksen and several people, including myself, remember him (sic) saying it at the same time and the same place. For this historian, at least, that’s good enough.” [Gordon to Mackaman, e-mail, September 25, 2012, Dirksen Information File]"For me, not so much mythical, just the [always fallible ] memory of several witnesses, agreeing on time and place.
Brian W