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Re: [Phys-L] capacitor-to-capacitor transfer ... with high efficiency

I revised my document on capacitor-to-capacitor transfer.

I added a section describing a version of the circuit that is much
simpler to operate (at the cost of slightly reduced efficiency).
It is simple enough to be used in an introductory class. No fancy
timing is required.

I also expanded the section on ramifications and implications. In

-- Such circuits are available in a wide range of sizes, from a few
milliwatts to a few gigawatts. Applications at the small end include
LED flashlights. Applications at the large end include HVDC power
lines that carry power to entire cities. Note that DC is sometimes
significantly more efficient than AC for long-distance power distribution,
especially if the cables have to run underwater.

-- The importance of efficient regulators and converters is almost
beyond description. The survival of civilization as we know it
depends on greatly reducing dependence on fossil fuels. This
requires both (a) increased efficiency and (b) increased use of
renewable energy sources such as solar-, hydro-, and wind-generated
electricity. All this involves circuits of the type we are considering