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Re: [Phys-L] How to become a good theoretical physicist?

On 2014, Jun 12, , at 09:25, John Denker <> wrote:

For starters, note that
there are verrry few theoretical chemists. With rare
exceptions (e.g. Roald Hoffmann), chemists are expected
to do their own experimenting /and/ their own theorizing.
Ditto for biology; for example, Charles Darwin did
plenty of fieldwork; he was not an armchair theorist.

Also note that many of the people we think of as
theorists have good connections to experiment, and
to industry. Planck invented quantum mechanics in
the course of answering a question that came from
the light-bulb industry.

So RH is “purely” a theoretical chemist?

I thought Pauling also, but no, veeery much an experimentalist also. tho not, apparently, on bonding.

Linus Pauling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia