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[Phys-L] Better late than never. Was: Re: Aprill 2002 PHYSICS TODAY cover

On 2002, Apr 05, , at 14:29, Fakhruddin, Hasanbhai <hfakhrud@BSU.EDU> wrote:

Yes Tim, I was surprised too. My guess is it is due to both the facto=
you have mentioned - large population as well as most developed among
the developing nations. However, electricity is not very reliable
except in few big cities. There are chronic power outages in smaller
towns and villages.

Other interesting features I found in this remarkable picture are:

- Marked contrast between South and North Korea
- African continent mostly dark
- Nile river in Egypt is illuminated (population mostly along the Nil=
- Vast portion of China is dark

Vast portions of china are desert and mountains.

Tho I suspect some (much) of the dark regions will now be bright. Elec. production is and has been exponentially increasing.

Big county, big population not uniformly ….

-Hasan Fakhruddin

Original URl 404’d. Here’s a recent one showing another big country w/ vast dim regions.

Night Lights 2012 - Flat map : Natural Hazards

bc, decluttering his 23.9k letters