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[Phys-L] FCI (Force Concept Inventory) available in 21 languages, MBT in 11 languages

Please forward this to physics educators.

May, 2014
The Force Concept Inventory (1995 revision -- I. Halloun, R.R. Hake, E.P. Mosca, and D. Hestenes) is available (as password-protected.pdf) in 21 languages, to educators .
Visit <> and click on "Research and Evaluation".

Articles about the FCI by David Hestenes and others can be downloaded there.

The Mechanics Baseline Test (MBT; Hestenes & Wells) is available (as password-protected .pdf) in 11 languages.

We are thankful to physics faculty and high school physics teachers who volunteered to make these translations. Please reply to me, Jane Jackson <>, if you know of translations in more languages, or if you want to translate the FCI or MBT into another language.

Jane Jackson, Co-Director, Modeling Instruction Program
Box 871504, Dept. of Physics, ASU, Tempe, AZ 85287
AMTA lifetime member

"Conceptual learning is a creative act, coordinating mental models with symbolic forms. This contrasts with rote learning, which is memorizing representational names, rules and procedures apart from conceptual structure and meaning." -- David Hestenes