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Re: [Phys-L] portable tesla coil repair

Does the ‘Screw Adjustment' on the bottom have a nut that screws off?
That might let the parts come part -

On Oct 3, 2014, at 6:26 PM, Bernard Cleyet <> wrote:

On 2014, Oct 03, , at 12:36, Bill Nettles <> wrote:

I have an older model Flinn portable tesla coil.. Brown Bakelite (or plastic) cylinder with a metal tip on one end and a screw adjuster on the other. It will unscrew in the middle but won't come apart because there are wires connecting the two halves.

My problem: the screw on the back doesn't adjust the spark any more. The unit will spark, but it's not strong, plus I can't adjust it to zero spark either.

The electrodes have “burned away” so much that they can’t close?

Extend one. Since disassembly is difficult a suitable material (W is best but difficult) rod drilled (partly) and snug fit will “do the trick” if my interpretation is correct.

Can this be repaired in-house? If so, what is the procedure? Thanks.

depends on the skill of the house.

Bill N

bc thinks a gud house can do more than many manufacturers.

p.s. An electronic Tesla is much more fun, I have one.
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