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Re: [Phys-L] To gal or not to Gal.

On 2013, Sep 26, , at 05:59, Marty Weiss <> wrote:

Well, when my wife and I were in Pisa last year we thought about getting a timed reservation to climb the tower until the tour guide told us the time on the rez could be for the next day when the ship would have departed for the next port. I assume Galileo didn't have that problem. So much for real experiments at the Tower of Pisa. The modern scientist has to stick to Gedanken.

I traveled from Florence by bus thru Luca (watched a movie next to bus station while waiting) specifically to visit the tower and cathedral (chandelier). No waiting and left too suddenly when the tanoy announced the bells' chiming (deafening). At the bottom a guard told me to wait while another brought down the tele-lens I'd left -- wouldn't accept a tip

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