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[Phys-L] To gal or not to Gal.

According to Wikipedia, G. G. did the Pisa tower xpmt. Instead, as I thought, a "Gedanken". ***

"The gal is named after Galileo Galilei, a physicist who made the first measurements of the Earth's gravity, and who dropped items out of the Tower of Pisa to see if weight had a bearing on the time taken for them to fall."

Gal (unit) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

What do you expts write?

bc thinks he may want to correctly correct the Wiki. and joyously awaits a free 60 micro-gal resolution sensor from the USGS.

*** My modern phys instructor (UCSB -- 1957) said G.G. posed the question, what happens when one cuts the rigid thread between two unequal masses while falling?

The talk discusses the non-SI, but not the experiment. And I would add the Eötvös confirmation.