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[Phys-L] Why Have K-12 Educators Ignored Benezet's Breakthrough?

Some subscribers to Phys-L might be interested in a recent post "Why Have K-12 Educators Ignored Benezet's Breakthrough?" [Hake (2013)]. The abstract reads:

ABSTRACT: An educator wrote to me (paraphrasing): "I've just come across the Benezet Centre <>. Benezet's method seems superb. If it was such a success, why did it not spread?" *Good question* !! I think the best answer was given by the late Arnold Arons.

In "The Arons Advocated Method" [Hake (2004)] at <>, I quote Arons as follows: "I have looked at the Benezet papers at <>, and I find the story congenial. . . . . . .[but] whence do we get the teachers with the background, understanding, and security to implement such instruction. They will certainly not emerge from the present production mills."


To access the complete 53 kB post please click on <>.

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Hake, R.R. 2013. "Why Have K-12 Educators Ignored Benezet's Breakthrough?" online on the OPEN! AERA-L archives at <>. Post of 24 Sep 2013 11:52:15-0400 to AERA-L and Net-Gold. The abstract and link to the complete post are being transmitted to various discussion lists and are on my blog "Hake’sEdStuff" at <>.