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Re: [Phys-L] refereeing

On 2013, Sep 10, , at 07:48, John Denker <> wrote:

Short version: Tell the editor what's going on.
*) If you think you can still give a fair review, upholding
the best interests of the journal and its readers, say so.
*) If not, say so.
*) The editor might want to take you off the job anyway,
just to avoid the /appearance/ of conflict of interest.
It's an unusual case, involving two mistakes:
-- Sending the manuscript to the same institution is not
the usual practice; even an anonymous reviewer might be
tempted to give his buddies a boost.

You kidding? From where I come from it's more likely the reverse!

-- The breakdown of anonymity amplifies the downside potential.

What if the paper is so esoteric one is the only reviewer available?

bc wishes to become a reviewer.

p.s I'm familiar w/ recusal as a {former} member of a city council committee w/ an economic conflict of interests.