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Re: [Phys-L] Bernoulli's equation

On 2013, Jan 25, , at 08:36, "Anthony Lapinski" <> wrote:

Teaching fluids now. Is there an "easy/conceptual" way to teach/derive
Bernoulli's equation?

P + 0.5pv2 = pgh = constant

Using conservation of energy and other formulas, this is the most
tedious/complicated derivation. I'm just looking for a different approach.

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I donna no if these are "easy/conceptual", as I've not read, but it's, I assume, the usual JD correctness.

There are at least two valid ways of deriving Bernoulli’s equation. An approach based on energy and enthalpy is presented in section 2. An approach based on force, work, and kinetic energy is presented in section 3.