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Re: [Phys-L] scientific method diagram

On 2013, Jan 09, , at 10:15, "Folkerts, Timothy J" <> wrote:

Yes, that makes for a much more readable report. But it can be dangerous too, making even other scientists think the process was more linear than it was. And perhaps more dangerous (or at least less efficient) is the fact that "blind alleys" are rarely mentioned. Medical research comes to mind, where all the ineffective treatments (or even harmful treatments) can be left unreported. Or marginally effective treatments could be repeated (many times perhaps) until the p < 0.05 level is achieved.

Reporting null results is important too, and is rarely done.

Tim Folkerts

I remember a "friend" org. chemist at UCSB saying there aught to be a journal for reporting synthesis failures.

bc thinks would avoid reinventing a broken wheel, and has a "weird" memory.