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[Phys-L] scientific method diagram

Hi --

The conventional five-step "poster" version of the so-called
"scientific method" is an abomination. There are about ten
things wrong with it.

However, there is a proverb: "You can't beat something with
nothing". That is to say, even though the poster is worse
than nothing, it is hard to ask people to tear down that poster
unless you can offer some sort of replacement.

Therefore I cobbled up the following:

It's a diagram, plus a little story about how science /sometimes/
gets done.

The diagram is arguably too complicated and arguably not
complicated enough ... but I reckon it is an improvement
over the five-step non-iterative grossly-wrong poster.

This is a work in progress. I am quite aware that it would
help to make the diagram more flashy and colorful ... but
before doing that I wanted to make it correct (or at least
not too grossly wrong) as to substance.

Comments? Questions? Suggestions?