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Re: [Phys-L] two very different "gravity" concepts

On 01/03/2013 09:14 AM, Bill Nettles wrote:
I think of "local" as a term which demands that I know the frame of
reference. I'm comfortable with local. Not saying John is wrong, just
saying that I have a different opinion about the strength of that
word (local)

That is a commendably clear statement of opinion about the meaning
of "local". Thanks for that.

OTOH we may have to agree to disagree about what the meaning
"should" be. Here's why: To my ears, "local" is connected
to "location". It cannot be equivalent to "frame dependent"
or "frame relative", because I can have multiple interpenetrating
inequivalent frames at the same location, at the same local

As a second argument leading to the same conclusion, to my ears
"local" connotes a relatively /small/ locale, whereas a particular
frame could extend for enormous distances, up to and including
cosmic distances.

As always, I think authors should be allowed to define their
terms as they wish, within broad limits. However, when an
established word such as "local" is given a new definition,
far removed from its ordinary definition, it tends to create
confusion, and even if confusion is somehow avoided, it still
creates a significant cognitive workload, insofar as the old
definition must be unlearned. Unlearning is always a problem.

One advantage of "framative" is that it can be learned without
any unlearning.