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Re: [Phys-L] *Potential SPAM* Re: Class poll website?

I urge you to check out U of Idaho's learning (or course) management
system. Blackboard seems to be available, but there are also some
installs of Moodle, so see what is available to you. Probably you
would then want to use a wiki in the LMS to make the list, and then
you can use a quiz or survey option to collect your data at different
points through out the semester.

Outside of an LMS, you can use a wiki to get the topics and then
SurveyMonkey to do the voting.

Richard Bowman
Bridgewater College

Quoting "Turner, Jacob" <>:
I have some insane requirements for the polling which I may not
be able to find anywhere:

1) Controlled Access
2) Free (to students at least)
3) anyone is allowed to add more items to the poll at any time
4) you can vote on multiple poll options
5) you can change your vote at any time

It is really 3 and 5 that I seem to strike out on repeatedly. Has anyone
seen something up to the task, or should I devote a weekend to writing one
of my own?

Jacob Turner - (208) 885-2730
Director of Physics Laboratory Education
University of Idaho