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Re: [Phys-L] Class poll website?

You could set up something using Google Docs.

Quoting "Turner, Jacob" <>:

I have an amazing teaching position this semester. My course has essentially no catalog entry, so I get to do almost anything I desire.

In sharing this luxury with the class, I asked them to identify topics about physics that interest them personally. So far, many amazing topic choices. Some really blow me away (lots about the Higgs Boson, but one student who is a developmental education major asked about String Theory, General and Special Relativity, and Quantum mechanics... I may ask her if she considered changing majors yet...)

Anyway: this has led me to realize their tastes are far too amazing and varied for me to make the final call on which topics we cover. I want to allow the class to vote for which ones we do.

But since I am allowing them to add to the list whenever they think of new questions, I have some insane requirements for the polling which I may not be able to find anywhere:

1) Controlled Access
2) Free (to students at least)
3) anyone is allowed to add more items to the poll at any time
4) you can vote on multiple poll options
5) you can change your vote at any time

It is really 3 and 5 that I seem to strike out on repeatedly. Has anyone seen something up to the task, or should I devote a weekend to writing one of my own?

Jacob Turner - (208) 885-2730
Director of Physics Laboratory Education
University of Idaho
Forum for Physics Educators

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