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Re: [Phys-L] [SPAM] Re: lunar craters

Reminds me of reports on the distribution of raindrop impacts. My search quickly reveals a v. technical paper on the correlation of turbulence and the drop distribution. So a search of lunar crater distribution results in a distribution discussion and roughly why. (inter alia)

bc thinks Poisson applies over small regions. [number not size]

p.s. remember: lotsa craters in craters.

are craters on the moon randomly distributed?

Here's an article in which the Poisson distrib. is used as a test of the lack of latitude variation in the number. [square root of the mean number]

incds. size distrib. I only skimmed v. rapidly, so ...

On 2012, Dec 13, , at 08:28, Brian Blais wrote:

On Dec 13, 2012, at 10:59 AM, Anthony Lapinski wrote:

Thanks! These must be the larges craters. Are those diameters? In
kilometers? miles?

There are so many "small" craters that I imagine would be difficult to

Sorry for not putting it. The units are km, drawn directly from the wikipedia page this morning.

There might be some automated crater surveys, to get a distribution of all craters, but I am not familiar with one.


Brian Blais

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