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Re: [Phys-L] Dirigible Flight Question

On 2012, Nov 05, , at 16:17, Bernard Cleyet wrote:

On 2012, Nov 05, , at 15:11, Paul Nord wrote:

Ok, ok. I'll give you the real question. We've gotten bogged down in dirigibles and blimps.

I have altitude data for a weather balloon which picks up enough ice at a 5 km altitude that it begins to descend. It continues dropping until it reaches about 2 km where enough ice has melted to allow the balloon to continue its ascent. We know the lift of the balloon. We know the mass of the payload. What is the mass at the two points where the velocity goes to zero?


Unless I'm very much suffering from incipient Alzheimer's, it's simple. Include in the payload a pressure sensor -- The volume of the balloon and the density of air minus the payload, etc. will give you the ice. Drag, etc. is irrelevant.