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Re: [Phys-L] Dirigible Flight Question

On 2012, Nov 05, , at 10:40, brian whatcott wrote:

Blimps are dirigible.

Brian W

Not according to Wiki.

A blimp is a balloon while a dirigible is a rigid lighter than air ship REmember the disaster rigid frame left. p.s much of the fire was from a cover similar to nitrate film, not the H2.

The term zeppelin is a genericized trademark that originally referred to airships manufactured by the German Zeppelin Company, which pioneered dirigible design in the early years of the twentieth century. The word Luftschiff, German for "airship", usually prefixed their crafts' names.
In modern common usage, the terms Zeppelin, dirigible and airship are used interchangeably for any type of rigid airship, with the term blimp alone used to describe non-rigid airships. Although the blimp also qualifies as a "dirigible", the term is seldom used with blimps. In modern technical usage, airship is the term used for all aircraft of this type, with Zeppelin referring only to aircraft of that manufacture, and blimp referring only to non-rigid airships.[clarification needed]

bc thinks using a Zepp. simplifies the discussion.