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Re: [Phys-L] A different type of attack on science:

On 10/25/2012 3:00 PM, Bernard Cleyet wrote:
On 2012, Oct 25, , at 10:14, Bernard Cleyet wrote:

Italian court convicts 7 of manslaughter for not warning of earthquake - NY Daily News

With more, I pray, accurate, information I understand the conviction, tho not necessarily agree with it.

The following is rather damning -- especially the injunction. (probably not available in countries w/ a first amendment).

bc thanks tkmary for the reference.

p.s. note that a left wing news paper gives more detail than the NYT.
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There have been scattered reports of well water level changes coinciding with earthquakes so it not at all outlandish to suppose that new fracture paths release gas - some of which will bear radon. I see that radon detectors can be purchased retail for under $200 each, so an independent examination of this hypothesis is well within reach of any modest earth science - or physics department. It turns out there is a fault within 50 miles of my SW Oklahoma location so it is possible for me to consider the merits of mounting a test myself even. As a disturbing sidebar, I can say that the US is well on the way to being a net exporter of petroleum products, due in part to the development of fracking methods suited to the liberation of new stores of LNG from many favorable US geo structures. It will be evident to you that more fracking is likely to correspond to increased radon evolution - a most unwelcome supposition in view of the relation between radon and lung cancer - a correlation which has seen no industry efforts to dismiss the evidence.

Brian Whatcott
Altus OK