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[Phys-l] Projectile lab

I want to thank everyone for your suggestions and information regarding a "bullseye" projectile lab. I named it, "Shoot for your grade". I used some of the information people gave to me, some I found on the Internet, and added some of my own material in creating this lab. The students have done well with it. There are some things I'd change for next year, but this was a good first time lab.

If anyone is interested in my copy of the lab, please let me know and I'll email it to you directly. Make any changes as you see fit and any input/advice for next year would be appreciated. Plus, I also made a spreadsheet to allow me to quickly check the calculations. It's not a very "pretty" spreadsheet, but it works, plus it has a graph that shows the path and where the various rings need to be placed for the ball to pass through.

Thank you again for all of your input and help.

Dwight Souder
Crestview HS
Ashland, OH