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[Phys-l] Reprise of students taught programming. Was: Re: Should equation solving be done with calculators and robots or by hand?

You did, and I think rather important. It's been in texts now for some time. Feynman et al. introduce leapfrog early on and Eisberg and Lerner have end of chapter programming exercises** where appropriate -- even upper div.and grad. texts include it, especially ones dealing w/ non-linear mechanics.

** After market Numerical Calculation supplement ... Eisberg and Peckham [TI 58/59, HP-34C, and TI 99/4]

bc uses leapfrog often.

On 2008, Feb 27, , at 20:55, Alfredo Louro wrote:

May I introduce a related question? How about programming? Should
physics students be taught to write programs that will calculate
answers to physics problems? My personal vote would be yes, but I'd
certainly like to hear other opinions.