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[Phys-l] repair old vacuum pumps

I have 3 old vacuum pumps (how old? They were here when I started teaching
in 1968), and while they have been gurgling along for years as needed, they
are now leaking oil (actually pouring oil) from I suppose the pump seals. I
would like to have these repaired or else obtain seals so I can try to
repair them myself. The problem is I have next to no info about the pumps,
no model numbers, etc. All I know is as follows:
pump 1 Cenco Pressovac-4 Part No. 1385101 with the following numbers at
different places on the pump (1719747, 1845226, 1890614)
pump 2 Welch DuoSeal part no. 2337849 , s/n 34126-0
pump 3 Cenco Pressovac-4 cat. # 90510, s/n 34904
Of course Cenco is defunct and Welch has spun off its vacuum stuff to
another company and after several tries at communication with no responses,
I have given up contacting them. I would hate to have to throw the pumps
away (sentimental attachment or just cheap). Any help or info would be
greatly appreciated.
James Mackey