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Re: [Phys-l] A geek's observations on "Avatar"

I searched Holmes-Bates and found "How to see in stereo on your iphone":


bc has a Holmes-Bates and two similar French binocular box viewers in addition to his projector and Taxiphote.

On 2010, Jan 07, , at 22:15, John Clement wrote:

If the camera was a Nimslo from the 1980s, I saw one on E-bay for about
$179. The more recent 3-d cameras for lenticular prints have 3 lenses. The
lenticular presentation for 3-d goes back to the 1940s, and some large
prints fetch fancy prices. But for home 3-D nothing matches slides taken in
the Realist format on Kodachrome viewed through a good viewer.
Unfortunately many people wanted 3-d photos so they bought the Realist
system cameras, shot a couple of rolls, and then put it on the shelf. They
found the 3-d viewing to be inconvenient. But the 3-d pictures using the
Holmes-Bates viewer continued to be made from the 1800s up through WWI and
later. A large fraction of civil war photos were originally in 3-d, but are
usually not printed in 3-d