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Re: [Phys-l] A geek's observations on "Avatar"

Leigh Palmer wrote:
Have you seen 3D postcards? They can be viewed through a narrow acceptance angle like the TV you describe. If you examine them closely you will find an array (I'm tempted to say "grating") of vertical cylindrical lenses cemented over the picture. The picture itself is made up of two pictures, a stereo pair, printed in a manner similar to the old fashioned TV raster tuned sideways. /snip/

(Not proofread - sorry. I apologize in advance, since it's late.)
Leigh's note reminds me that I tossed out a 3-D camera in its original box a week or two ago, that my wife brought for me as a curio, some time ago.
It seemed to be in 35 mm format, and had four lenses. It took half the customary number of shots, and the film was to be turned in to a specific processing center. I believe that they were using the lenticular presentation he describes here.

Brian W