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Re: [Phys-l] Hybrid mileage

Unfortunately Al Bartlett beat you to publication. He did the same thing and published it in TPT. No weather entry though, so maybe there is still a chance to publish the data :-)

You are correct, by your standards I'm a youngun (mid-fifties), as borne out by the manual choke discussion. I wonder if true youngins even have a clue as to manual chokes . . .

One of the joys of getting older, talking about what the youngins don't know. :-)


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I keep meticulous record of gasoline purchased and MPG at each filling.
I'll add a journal entry on the weather.

bc becoming a Galton? He has somewhere records for ~ 1/2 million miles
of gasoline consumption.

On 2010, Jan 06, , at 10:08, Jack Uretsky wrote:

Hi all-
The data are insufficient. For example, if, in winter, you let
the car sit and warm up for a bit before driving, your winter mi/gal
be reduced.
A more complete analysis would require comparison - summer v
winter - of miles driven, driving times, and fuel consumption. This
lead to possible systematic differences (or uncertainties) in your

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