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Re: [Phys-l] possible projectile lab

A coincidence -- only a few days ago I saw a pic. very vividly remembered, of rings thru which a ball following a parabolic path passes. I've scanned the last few hundred site titles in my history w/ no luck.

I suspect a Galileo model.

search: ramp OR "inclined plane" parabola OR "parabolic path" rings

results in: PIRA 1D60.50 described in Meiners, and TPT [22, 402 & 2, 336]

bc, googler

On 2009, Dec 16, , at 07:44, Souder Dwight wrote:

Soon, my physics students will be covering projectile motion. I've been thinking of doing a new lab, but wanted to see if someone else had already done it, and/or suggestions.

I'm thinking of having the students roll marbles down an incline, have it roll across the lab table a short distance, and mark where it lands on the ground (get an average of its landing distance).

From the information as to where it lands and the height of the lab table, the students would then calculate its initial horizontal velocity.

Then comes the challenging part. I'm thinking of giving the students 2-4 rings (about 2-3 inches in diameter) and they would have to place them in equal intervals of the marble's path, so that the marble passes through each ring.

Has anyone done a similar lab? Any suggestions? If someone has already done this, could someone email me their lab?

Thank you in advance,

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