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Re: [Phys-l] Nurture vs Nature (Was:Student engagement)

It's unfortunate that they and the other "primitive" (innocent) people in the world are going to be punished by Gaia for our sins.

bc had read, IERC, that their compromise is WRT agriculture and ranching.

On 2009, Dec 09, , at 22:38, John Clement wrote:

Actually the Amish have a custom that their children must leave the
community for a period of time, either a year or 2 as I recall. This lets
them taste the modern world, and confirm their commitment to the Amish way
of life. He may have escaped at that point in time. In other words they
let people escape and encourage them to go if they wish.

Of course many people glory in their ignorance, and unfortunately some of
them are influential politicians. The governor of TX is a dyed in the wool
creationist, and does not believe in global warming. Half of the TX state
board of Ed. Is creationist.

At least the Amish do not try to convert others to their way of thinking, or
rather force their religious beliefs onto others. Some of them actually are
now compromising with the modern world. They may have a workshop with
modern woodworking tools and a generator to supply it, but they won't have
flush toilets or power in their houses. They mow the lawn the old fashioned
way with a push mower. But then so do I because is exercise,
environmentally sound, quiet, cheap, safe, and I have a tiny lawn.

John M. Clement
Houston, TX