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Re: [Phys-l] gravitational waves.

At 22:07 -0500 10/27/2010, brian whatcott wrote:

1) Neutrinos were detected long after they were postulated:
2) It took 40 years to bestow a Nobel on the postulant?

I was referring to the bestowal of a Nobel on the surviving member of the discovery team. Pauli had already received his Nobel for other work.

Me recollection (without troubling to actually look up the actual dates) was that they were proposed by Pauli in 1929, used by Fermi in his theory of beta decay in 1932, actually discovered in 1956, but the Nobel committee didn't take note of the discovery until the late 1980s or so after more work on neutrino theory and confirming discoveries were made, by which time one of the pair who did the 1950s work had died and the other died shortly after picking up his share of the prize.

Someone said at the time that the Committee couldn't reward the subsequent work without recognizing the original discovery, so they tossed the surviving member of that team a 1/3 share of the prize given primarily for the later work.


Hugh Haskell

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