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Re: [Phys-l] Definition of upthrust or buoyancy

Jeffrey Schnick wrote:

Carl Mungan has a nice article on this entitled
What is the buoyant force on a block at the bottom of a
beaker of water?
and available at:

Thanks for your kind characterization. FWIW, I agree that a range of opinion on this topic is possible and I'm willing to allow different definitions in different contexts. For example, see the discussion in the letters section of Physics Education at:

For an experimental test of the ideas, however, see the article I wrote in response to one of Boris Korsunsky's neat Physics Challenges:

Carl E Mungan, Assoc Prof of Physics 410-293-6680 (O) -3729 (F)
Naval Academy Stop 9c, 572C Holloway Rd, Annapolis MD 21402-1363