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Re: [Phys-l] H. Sapiens

Good question: I recall reading/hearing somewhere that 10% of all human beings are alive today - but I don't recall how that was derived.

And then similarly I've heard 90% of all scientists that ever lived are alive today.

(I suspect there's material for some very poor joke in combining those two - along the lines "...and the other 10% are human beings.")


I'd like to reprise the population topic briefly (for a change of pace).

Folks seem to have a pretty good set of data that is being fit to
exponential form.
I'm reminded of Al Bartlett's many talks and must ask a question.

Based on this exponential curve - about what percentage of the TOTAL
historical Homo Sapiens population is currently alive?

This shouldn't be a terribly difficult % to come up with.

thanks for indulging me.

Dr. Keith S. Taber

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