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[Phys-l] Isotope shortage. Was: Re: Fwd: NSF NanoTeach Pilot Test - Jan 8 Deadline

IIRC, this is prompted by the coming shut down of a research reactor that supplies a large portion of the medical isotopes.

bc read this in the local rag.

Wrong already:


p.s. perhaps N. Korea and Iran could fill the gap?

On 2009, Sep 27, , at 14:30, Jack Uretsky wrote:

Hi all-
Don Geesaman, head of our physics division, spoke at a colloquium
on Friday on the subject of rare isotopes. It seems that the coming
decades are going to show an increasing demand for rare isotopes (produced
with accelerators), and we are facing a probable shortage of manpower to
satisfy the demand. So here's another aspect of physics that needs
additional support.