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Re: [Phys-l] ignition point of paper: 451 deg... is it F or C ?

Bryan's reference may contradict my thought that the rate of temp. rise strongly affects the ignition temp. If very slow, pyrolysis will result in carbonization and only an extreme temp. will result in ignition.

bc, kitchen physicist, piped.

On 2009, Aug 10, , at 11:46, Brian Whatcott wrote:

Here's another cite: Kinbara used that classic geometry for an
exothermic reactor - the sphere - in this case, of saw dust.
From Session V, see Kinbara, U Tokyo: Autoignition of Wood Materials


Notice his predicted tipping temperature for this configuration.
(Writing paper has a variable surface filler which may include kaolin
which alters the ignition point, I wouldn't be surprised to find..... )
I'll monitor a few newsprint shreds in a convenction cooker using
a thermocouple, just for fun...

Brian W