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Re: [Phys-l] Some recommendations please

The "error" book to which you refer is likely Lyons (Louis); it's thin, 95 pp. and small) Another formerly? used at UCSC is Taylor (John R.) (thicker 270 pp.)

The std. "practical" book was Melissionos (Late 60's +). Newer is Preston and Dietz, whose principal advantage is it incorporates electronix advances. There's likely a latest.

bc too long retired.

p.s. Melissionos has a chapter on error propagation, counting stats, etc., as does P and D, which also has a few pp. on "how to publish your results": .... Including some of the AIP Style Manual.

The latter book also, backwardly, discusses sig. figs.

On 2009, Jun 01, , at 13:55, alex brown wrote:

I require a book on lab\practical practises and techniques including error propagation at under graduate level. We used one at UCL (London), but can't remember the name of it apart from it being very thin...

Also a book on how to go about writing a science dissertation.

Thanks for any advice and apologies if this is not the correct place. I do not leke to rely on the reviews on Amazon to make a decision

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