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[Phys-l] book review: Apostol's _Calculus_

I've been working on this review for a while now, but the recent
discussion of differential equations goaded me to finish it.
Several of the techniques discussed on this list can be found
in Apostol Volume II.


Tom M. Apostol _Calculus_ (two volumes)

Executive summary: Uncommonly good. The gold standard.

This is not "Calculus for Dummies". This is calculus for students who
are somewhat clever and somewhat sophisticated, and would like to
become more so.

Whereas most calculus books are pretty much the same, Apostol’s books
stand apart from the herd. They are full of surprises: sometimes more
practical, sometimes more rigorously formal, and sometimes both at

Bottom line: If you can only own one calculus text or calculus
reference, this is the one you want.

The full review is at: