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Re: [Phys-l] Rewiring a Hair Dryer

Depends -- if it's two speeds (heats) the motor is in series for the low and in parallel for the high, easy. I suggest before you dismantle, and find the motor runs off a heater tap (runs on somewhat less than 120V), you go to the local Sally's and get one of their used ones to explore.

bc, yes.

p.s. If you can reach in w/ diagonals and clip the element, you needn't dismantle; easier!

Jeff Bracken wrote:

Has anyone successfully rewired an electric hair dryer to remove the heating element?

I'd like to use the hair dryer for a blower, but I don't want the heat.

Thoughts, suggestions, etc. are encouraged.


Jeff Bracken
Chemistry & Physics Teacher
Westerville North High School
Westerville, Ohio

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