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Re: [Phys-l] Rewiring a Hair Dryer

At 21:42 -0400 9/26/06, Jeff Bracken wrote:

Has anyone successfully rewired an electric hair dryer to remove the
heating element?

I'd like to use the hair dryer for a blower, but I don't want the heat.

Thoughts, suggestions, etc. are encouraged.

If this is an already purchased dryer and has no temperature control, then I'm afraid I have nothing to offer, since I am not sure how they are wired. I assume that the motor and heating element are wired in parallel, with some sort of thermal cutoff to make sure the heating element doesn't burn itself up if the motor is kaput. If that is the case, then simply disconnecting the heating element from the circuit should do it.

But if you haven't already obtained the dryer, find one that has a heating element that can be turned off. Most dryers today have a temperature setting switch, and some have three heat positions: Hi-Lo-Off. Get one of these and turn the heat control to off. That way someone else is responsible for getting the wiring right.


Hugh Haskell

(919) 467-7610

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