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Re: [Phys-l] gasoline

Watch for what happens to mileage concerns as gasoline moves back under $2.50/gallon!

Also, as tax incentives start to dry up for hybrids, will the demand remain high--keeping prices high and making pay-back times (versus equivalently outfitted gasoline vehicles) so long that they exceed the expected battery pack life (the replacement of which will push the pay-back time to infinity and beyond)? Or...will the cost of the hybrids drop to be more reasonably in line with non-hybrids?

I bought last year and couldn't justify a Civic Hybrid over a Civic LX on a cost basis (nearly a $4000 difference)...besides needing a vehicle immediately such that I couldn't wait weeks or months for delivery.


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Subject: Re: [Phys-l] gasoline

The best mileage I ever got was in stop and go driving on a freeway last spring. I think driving style has a lot to do with it. The greatest energy-saving feature of the Prius might be the real time mileage read out. I rarely go over 65, even in west Texas. I find myself in less of a hurry than I used to be.