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[Phys-L] Re: Mac users may not be more intelligent,

Years ago, when the Mac was way ahead of PC's in terms of graphics,
there as a similar study, though I don't recall any of the details. The
result was students who wrote papers on macs did not write as well as
those who wrote on pc's, but the papers on the macs were presented
better. I wonder how many ways you could spin that.


joe, who owns 10 macs of various vintages and sizes.

John M Clement wrote:

As I read the article it seems that Macees are at the 6th grade level
but Winders are at the 5th grade or below. It seems that computer
usage may actually contribute to making people dumber in their
writing. Have they done a study comparing these results to snail mail
letter writers?

Or how about the various list serves. Do the physics ones score lower
than the Shakespeare ones? The possibilities are unlimited.


John M. Clement
Houston, TX

but they certainly are more literate... according to the below:

obviously a biassed source.

bc, who has no comment

Joseph J. Bellina, Jr. Ph.D.
574-284-4662, 4968
Saint Mary's College
Dept. of Chemistry and Physics
Notre Dame, IN, 46556
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