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[Phys-L] Re: PHYS-L Digest - 24 Mar 2005 - Special issue (#2005-104)

Carl Mungan wrote:

Let me get this straight, Rick: you teach mechanics in one semester,
then thermo/E&M/optics in a second semester of the same number of

At my institution, yes. Here are our catalog descriptions:

PH 121 General Physics I: Mechanics of linear and rotational motion,
oscillations, and waves, using vectors and calculus.

PH 122 General Physics II: Thermodynamics, electricity, and magnetism,
electrical circuits, electromagnetic wave motion, and geometrical optics
of lenses and mirrors.

I think the problems here are obvious. That's part of the reason I
initiated this thread. By the way, thanks to everyone for their
comments-- and please continue.

Rodney Dunning
Assistant Professor of Physics
Birmingham-Southern College
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