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[Phys-L] Re: computers, as with the TV news, the more you watch it the less you know.

I've written this before: If kinesthetic, I expect even better, e.g.
motion detector(ion) of person moving or moving an object.

Is bc justified in thinking, except ina lab., computers in classrooms
are a waste of $$$? I can see them in libraries.


John Clement wrote:

Actually this is to a certain extent true. The original paper by Heather
Brasell showed a significant gain on test of kinematical graph skills when
the stududents used microcomputer based labs with a motion detector.
Another thesis shows that substituting computers for traditional methods of
data acquisition has no effect on learning for conventional labs. But
students liked the labs with computers better. Beichner has demonstrated
higher gain for students with video labs.

Virtually most studies have been a wash with respect to computer usage in
other areas. Some show slight gains and others slight losses. However one
study did show significant gains when students used hypertext specifically
designed to teach the subject material. Students were restricted to using
the specially designed text, and did not have access to the web.

John M. Clement
Houston, TX

IMAO, About the only excuse for computers is data collection and analysis.

bc, well, google search is useful too.

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