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[Phys-L] x-ray production from spark coils

Cliff's article was published in the PIRA newsletter. He is trying
to locate an electronic copy. Since those were the beginning years
of PIRA, and it is probably not archived at the PIRA website. His
newsletter article was a follow up/caution to demo personnel based on
his own measurements predicated by the original government document
from 1970. I haven't googled to see if that document is available.

Prior to his alert, most of us were pretty cavalier about the cathode
ray tube demos, and I suspect that most physics faculty, who should
know better, would still show them, if they could get their spark
coils to work. Karl


The article was longer ago than I thought, 1987.

The government document was:

X-Ray Emission from Cold-Cathode Gas Discharge Tubes Used for
Educational Purposes
Properzio, Woodcock and Heidersdorf, February 1970, BRH/DEP 70-1

US Dept. of Health Education and Welfare, Public Health Service,
Environmental Health Service, Bureau of Radiological Health,
Rockville, MD 20852


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