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[Phys-L] New PER journal officially exists !

An announcement has been formally made about the new Phys. Rev.
journal. It can be found at
<>. Thanks to all who have
supported the effort and to APS and AAPT who are helping sponsor it, as
well as the NSF for providing startup funding.

Those of you who have already submitted articles may need to resubmit
them through the APS web system, once it is operational. I don't know
yet whether I can do that for authors or not. (Since the system isn't
online yet, it is pretty hard for me to try it out!) If I can't
web-submit for you, I'll contact those who have already submitted
papers. If you have an article nearly finished, hold on to it for a
couple of weeks so you can send it via the web.

Time to fire up those word processors!

Bob Beichner
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