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[Phys-L] Re: Anti-Americanism creeps in to science teaching debate

Bernard Cleyet wrote:

"It doesn't surprise me that the statement made by the English individual,
shows a lack of understanding of Americans."

"In the light" of my most recent post it should not surprise anyone that
I think that "English individual" shows a great understanding of (a
large proportion of ) Americans.

Clearly we disagree here!

"If you really had interest, and opportunity, we could discuss where we are each coming
from in our assumptions and then perhaps understand the other viewpoint (right or wrong, in our judgement!)."

I, to would like to participate in such a thread, but also have little
time now. If one initiates that thread I'll contribute later.


Clearly we agree here. However with two exams to make out for Tuesday &
wednesday, and a lab to develope for Thursday, there is little time now.

James Mackey
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