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[Phys-L] Re: Anti-Americanism creeps in to science teaching debate

Even nostalgia isn't what it used to be ! ! !

At 12:42 PM -0600 3/12/05, Jack Uretsky wrote:
On Sat, 12 Mar 2005, James Mackey wrote:

Jack Uretsky wrote:
> James Mackey's post reminds me of the story of the first school
> When Adam and Eve were kicked out of the garden they studiously
>set about obeying the divine injunction to procreate their kind. Soon
>they were surrounded by a horde of screaming, demanding children. At
>their wits end, the first couple knelt down and prayed for help. Sure
>enough, off in the distance, they saw a great cloud forming. The cloud
>rose into the air, approached, descended and touched the ground. Out
>stepped the world's first teacher.
> She looked at Adam, she looked at Eve, then she looked at the
>horde of disheveled, screaming, unruly children and shook her head. "We
>never would have put up with this in the old days," she said.
> Regards,
> Jack

and James wrote:

Absolutely I agree! Question my assumptions as well. If you really had
interest, and opportunity, we could discuss where we are each coming
from in our assumptions and then perhaps understand the other viewpoint
(right or wrong, in our judgement!).

I'm not certain I see the connection of the story about the first school
teacher, unless the point is that one always assumes the past was better?
James Mackey

______________________________end of quote_____________________________

You're getting close, Jim. Stories lose their punch when they're
explained, but when you get the point you'll see that there's nothing to
discuss - uou old schoolteacher, you.

"Trust me. I have a lot of experience at this."
General Custer's unremembered message to his men,
just before leading them into the Little Big Horn Valley
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