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Re: angular momentum transfer?

Sorry, I misread your description. With the demo as I described, you
can show a zero angular momentum even though both bike wheels are
spinning. This might work according to your description, but I think
frictional effects will dominate and the 2nd wheel will start spinning
in the same direction. I'll try in on Monday, I'm going home.


sampere wrote:

Join two bicycle wheels along the same axle. I machined a connector
from aluminum. You'll need to buy a special tap for the axle threads - I
don't remember the size but you can measure your axle. The tap is
readily available from shop catalogs like MSC. You don't need to add
lead to the rim.


Colin Quinney wrote:


I joined yesterday. I am searching for some information. I am a fairly new
student of physics, now retired, and I am presently searching for a
reference to a classroom demo that shows two wheels on a short axle, where
one wheel with lead (Pb) rim is spun up- and another wheel close by (on
the same axle) responds to the momentum change of the first wheel with a
small reverse rotation. I wish to replicate this so that I may study the
phenomena. Neither my text books nor Google however give a reference or
shows this demonstration. I'm confident however that a demo of this sort is
out there somewhere since a retired physics professor originally told me
about it. If anyone could please advise or give a science book reference or
to a correct Google search term, I would be most appreciative. Thanks.

Best Regards,