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symbol for KE

Why do so many upper-level texts insist on using T as a symbol for
KE? This seems to me to already be an overused symbol (for example,
standing for period of oscillation, time of flight, temperature,
tesla, etc) whereas I can't offhand think of any common quantity
represented by K except kelvin (lower-case k is overused, but not
upper-case). I'm thinking of obstinately using K on the board even
though our classical mechanics text uses T, but before I do this, I'd
like to hear any opinions why this might not be a good idea. Thanks,
Carl E. Mungan, Asst. Prof. of Physics 410-293-6680 (O) -3729 (F)
U.S. Naval Academy, Stop 9C, Annapolis, MD 21402-5040