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1) Several new items were added
to my cold fusion (CF) web site.

2) In July my CF Letter to the Editor of
Physics Today has been accepted;
it will probably be printed in the
September issue (together with
several other letters on the subject).

3) Several weeks ago I learned (from
a private e-mail message) that August
23, 2004 is going to be the most
important day in the history of cold
fusion (that is my slightly exaggerated
way of phrasing it). But Google did not
confirm this over the Internet. Please
share if you find something about this

4) Below is the message from the organizer of the
11th International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF11).
The new name for cold fusion, in case you are confused,
is CMNS (Condensed Matter Nuclear Science). Another
often used name is LENR-CANR; it stands for Low Energy
Nuclear Reactions - Chemically Assisted Nuclear Reactions).
I suspect that the old name, used for 15 years, will prevail.

It is my great pleasure to announce that Brian Josephson, 1973
Nobel Prize winner will be the keynote speaker at ICCF11, the
International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science.

The conference will be held in Marseilles, France from October 31
till November 5, 2004. Experimental as well as theoretical papers
will be presented by scientists coming from at least 15 countries.

The conference will start on Sunday 31st of October with a Cold
Fusion class intended to help new comers to this science, as well
as to more experienced researchers who wish to have a broader
view of the field. . . .

Going to this conference I am looking for a hotel roommate.
Let me know (in private).

Ludwik Kowalski