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Re: Which Strong is late"?

Bernard Cleyet wrote:

His (the one w/ the r) procedures book was of great assistance when I
was an undergraduate research assistant at SB *. I recently attempted
to obtain a used copy; gave up and purchased a reprint from the Lost
Technology Series. (Lindsay Publications Inc.) As Hugh wrote, it, as
expected, has excellent info. on the IR and optical equip. fabrication.
I hope to make a prism from a fluorite block given me by Rick Pam

* Also Elmore and Sands. I knew Matt at Santa Cruz, but it wasn't until
his retirement that I realized he was the second author and the third of
The Feynman Lectures!

bc whose denseness is not recent.

p.s. in searching for their bios (with and without an r), I found Hugh's
second link and some similar to his first, but not it.

The first link in my message (as received from phys-l) works when I
click on it. If it did not come through properly, you can probably find
it by searching for "Profiles in Optics October 2003." The first
item listed in my search, "Profiles Oct," was the right one. "Profiles
in Optics" is apparently a monthly feature in "Optics and Photonics
News." Dr. Strong received his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, a
major center of IR research, in 1930. Dr. Strong was well-known at FSU,
both because several of the FSU professors were from Hopkins and because
two of the IR spectroscopy researchers at FSU, Dr. Earle K.Plyler and
Dr. Robert Hunt, had been on the faculty at U. of Michigan, though
probably not when John Strong was there. Dr. Plyler had an M.S. degree
from Hopkins. He wrote or co-authored about 200 papers in experimental
IR spectroscopy. At least one of his papers is referred to in Strong's
_Classical Optics_. I was associated with the IR group at FSU, but I did
only a little in IR -- more in optics.

Hugh Logan

P.S. My browser didn't prompt me for html, plain text, or both on my
last message. I hope it came through OK.